« Water : a Wonder Liquid »

From Shawo Thar , 2nd position, essay competition Ecotibet &  Centre Lungta 2007

Water: A Wonder Liquid

A basic life-giving component to the living world, water has established the earth to be a home for the millions and millions of living creatures in air, on land and in oceans. Due to the existence of water, our Mother Earth has been flourishing with multi-family diversities of flora and fauna through a long period of adaptations to their environment.

In the biological sense, water is the only transportation medium that carries the food molecules and oxygen to the cells of every body parts to help the blood. It also gives a way to excrete the undigested wastes and toxic substances from our cells, tissues, organs and organ systems in the form of sweats and urines. It signifies that water is the most essential ingredient to the functioning of life processes of every organism.

Putting this issue in the global content, it reveals that the water constitutes the two third of earth surface and out of this the potable water consisted only about 3% of the whole water amount. Even in that three per cent,2.1% is in the form of ice, glacier and in solidified state. Therefore, to draw your attention, fresh water for human consumption is very limited and it is dwindling every day due to misbehavior of only one species–Homo sapiens.

In this new millennium, the rapid progression in the science and technological fields created a dramatic change in the living standard of people the world over. Industrialization, which is the sole vehicle to the excessive production, plays a big role in the environmental pollution. With the coming of skyscrapers, heavy mining industries, factories, roads and many other constructions under the name of national development, almost all governments sideline environmental protection. All those devilish human activities cause global warming, ozone deletion, extinction of animals and plants, resulting in massive and irreparable pollution to our planet. Especially the water crisis due to its scarcity in most parts of world appears a serious issue and many predict the possibility of wars on water in the near future. In India, the two thirds of the Indian villages do not have sufficient potable water and 50% of Indian towns do not have enough water for their consumption.

The main factors leading to the water scarcity are the improper management of water in households and agricultural purposes and pollution of fresh water by industrial pollutants. Explosion in human population has caused land encroachment in the forest and pasture areas which resulted in desertification and deforestation. Since humans have over indulged ourselves with all the resources of this planet without any heed to other earthlings, we have become the worst predator ever!

But our bad behavior should stop! And stop now for our own very survival. We should realize the interdependent nature of the web of life. Environmental protection has a universal responsibility. This Earth is shared by billions of living organisms who are connected to each other even at microscopic level and also through food chain. Therefore, we the human beings have to take the lead role in conserving our natural environment in all directions.

Regarding water conservation these are many things to undertake in our daily practical life. Following are some of my suggestions that are practical as well as important in water conservation:

  • reduce wasteful water consumption at home and everywhere
  • harvest rainwater during monsoon
  • support lawn instead of concrete cement for groundwater recharging
  • construct bunds and check dams if you see soil erosion in your area
  • plant trees and more trees in barren land and eroded areas
  • reduce, reuse and recycle in our daily human consumption control emission of industrial and domestic wastes in water bodies
  • vouch never to throw your wastes in streams and rivers

There are countless lists to remember and put into practice towards water conservation by individuals as well as community. Therefore, your cooperation in water conservation is a need of the time. Your action in water conservation is also a service to Mother Earth, to the humanity and rest of the fellow inhabitants of our blue-green planet.




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