From Lhundup Gyatso, Class IX-D, 2nd Position, Essay Competition Ecotibet & Lungta 2008


As far as the most threatening climate change called Global Warming is concerned, it reflects

no merit by any means but demerits everywhere. Anyhow, for better understanding of the pros and

cons of Global Warming, lets throw a look at the actual cause and effect of it.

In the mad race of 21st century to have higher economic development and higher living standards,

people of the world have forgotten the principles of ecological balance and sustainable development

since they attached their first priority to modernization and globalization. So people’s unlimited activities

in their endeavor to keep pace with these speedy development in science and technology has caused an

unutterable and globally concerning threat to our mother earth i.e. Global Warming.

Owing to the contributions of global warming, our mother nature is facing a very unwelcome

and drastic changes in terms of climate, environment, health and biodiversity etc. For instance, the

enormous increase in temperature or the green house effect is causing melting of glaciers that are

precious reservoirs of clean water. Not only would the heat destroy the world’s freshwater reservoirs, it

is projected to cause floods and draught, reduce the area of arable lands, adversely impact the marine

species and food stocks, erode coastlines as sea levels rise up and trigger large movement of population

to safer areas. Moreover, it is none other than global warming that has brought severe degradation in

environment which include extinction of many species of plants and animals; threat to biodiversity;

uncertain fall and rise in precipitation and weather pattern; lesser land under forest cover and sudden

disappearance of giant lakes and thousands of small streams. Beside these affects, it has become the

most dangerous challenge for human welfare since the hazardous gases like CO

2, and methane released

along with industrial development are polluting the atmosphere (the air which we breath in to sustain

our life) at an accelerating rate. These are the poisonous gases, which are instrumental in trapping the

harmful heats within the atmosphere and making the atmosphere suffocating, no less!

As consequences of these horrible changes, the beauty of nature is fading away day by day

while many unheard and incurable diseases are now a days emerging in our community. Therefore,

global warming has transformed our once green and healthy earth into a stifling and scorching graveyard,

for which the culprit is none other than greenhouse gases. So, life within this century of global warming

seems to have no tomorrow, because the green house effect in the present scenario has become the most

dangerous global security threat. On the top of this, the future global warming and its impacts seems

bound to trigger a bloody third world war fought over basic necessities like drinking water, habitable

areas and livelihood between climate refugees and local residents. So it is crystal clear from these

evidences that the First World War and the Second World War in the twentieth century are nothing as

compare to the dangers which global warming is bringing to our mother nature as a whole. Thus we

have to recognize that the face of present as well as future terrorism is none other than global warming.

Therefore, it is overwhelmingly important to check this threat from right onward in order to

rescue our mother earth including mankind from life-threatening catastrophe. It is not an inevitable

problem like death to solve this threat of global warming since each and every solution for it lies within

our hands. Intergovernmental Panel on climate change made it clear that all the causes of global warming

has largely been caused by human activities in the form on deforestation, increased emission of green

house gases and over exploitation of natural resources etc. These are the mistakes we committed so far

in ignorance. But we can compensate for what we have done wrong to nature by using every possible

means like reforestation, stop exploiting nature, applying three Rs principles (reduce, reuse and recycle),

burying decomposable waste rather than burning, ridding bicycles instead of vehicles, putting certain

limitation over utilizing industries and produce as less garbage as possible etc. These are the golden

keys laying in our hands, if we use them correctly, which can definitely prevent global warming from

happening and convert all the demerit of it into colorful merits. So, I hope we all follow these keys

properly in order to have a wonderful tomorrow for us in particular and mother earth in general.



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