« Merits and Demerits of the Global Warming »

From Phuntsok IX-D, 1st Postion, Essay Competition Ecotibet & Centre Lungta 2008


Crisis of the climate change like Global Warming is a serious threat to today’s world. We all want to live in big houses and we build our houses with different materials and adorn it beautifully. But we must also consider the negative impact of our modern consumerism lifestyle. Global Warming is the negative result of our deeds. So we must know the unbeneficial or undesirable things about the Global Warming.

Firstly, we should know what is Global Warming? Global warming is an increase in the Earth’s average temperature. Automatically a question may arise in your mind, what causes it? Burning fossil fuel like petroleum, coal, industrial pollutant and deforestation are the major causes of Global Warming.

Fossil fuel contains many different Carbon compound. When we burn fossil fuel lots of carbon compound go into air. Carbon dioxide has special property to trap heat from sunrays and block it from reflecting back into space. Actually the carbon dioxide content of atmosphere if merely 0.03 percent, but recently the percentage of carbon dioxide increased rapidly. Industries release huge amount of toxic pollutants in the atmosphere daily. Most of the toxic pollutants are chemical substances like carbon dioxide CO 2, methane(Ch4), nitrous oxide(NO2), Hydrofluorocarbons(HFCs), sulfur hexafluoride(SF6) and perfluorocarbons (PFCs). When these gases accumulate more and more in atmosphere, it increases the Earth’s average atmospheric temperature.

We all know that these gases are called green house gases which having the ability to trap heat in the lower atmosphere causing an increase in earth’s average temperature and thus a change in climate.

Another major factors is deforestation, which is occurring at very alarming rate in different part of the Globe. Forests and plants are very helpful in balancing the carbon dioxide and oxygen content in the atmosphere. When deforestation takes place it disturbs the balance of these two substances in nature. This could lead to climate change and calamities in different part of the world.

Let us talk about the demerits of Global Warming. Warming of the globe causes many different crises in the biological nature. You might have heard that the melting of the North Pole and South Pole continental ice: where large amount of water are stored in solid form. Warming of the globe gradually melts these ices and thereby increasing the sea level. So the low land and island are gradually submerging such as Japan, New York, and Mumbai. 7.1 million people will be affected by submergence of coastal area. Artic is home to many creature living in cold region. When the ice melts down these species are affected. Polar bear, seal, penguin etc. living in the polar region can be wiped out from this world within few years. When most of the land get submerged food shortage is inevitable. This would raise the food prices and million will die out of hunger. Global Warming may also give rise to many new (sorry, the end is missing)




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